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Megaman X - Polystone Statue

Megaman X - Polystone Statue

Hersteller First 4 Figures

Artikel-Nr.: F4F069



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Collectible "Megaman X - Polystone Statue"

Aus Megaman präsentiert First 4 Figures die Megaman X Statue.

Diese hochwertige aus Kunststein gefertigt Statue ist Limitiert auf 1000 Stück und ist ca. 43cm gross.

Produkt Typ: Polystone Statue
Produkt Grösse: 17 inches tall / 43cm
Produkt Gewicht: -

X is the final and greatest creation of Dr. Thomas Light, and created as a successor to the original Mega Man. Unlike the original, X was created with a much more advanced A.I that allowed him to think, reason and act totally independently. Once created, X was initially sealed away by his creator, fearing that his incredibly complex mind and programming could endanger the planet should he choose to act with evil intentions. After eventually being discovered and having been awoken by Dr. Cain many years after his creation, X joins the Maverick Hunters to help fight off a new generation of renegade machines: The Reploids. First 4 Figures is proud to unveil the first piece in their high-end Mega Man X collectibles: X! X is charging his X Buster, whilst he hovers above a platform in the sky stage from the original Mega Man X game on the Super Nintendo. The implementation of LED lighting not only brings added life to the jets from X’s boots, but to the X Buster and his helmet. The piece is made from high quality polystone resin that is hand painted, allowing for a simply stunning finish. Standing in 1/5 scale at over 17 inches tall, the statue is an essential part of any collection of Mega Man or Mega Man X merchandise. Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and an authenticity card that will allow you to register your statue with First 4 Figures. This will enable you to collect the same product number for future statues in the series! This is the first in our Mega Man X series so low numbers are given on a first come first served basis. Highly limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Images are representative only and final product may vary.




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  • Thema Megaman
  • Hersteller First 4 Figures
  • Produkt Polystone Statue
  • Grösse 43cm (17")
  • Material Polystone
  • Lizenz Capcom
  • Verpackung Glanzkarton, Styropor